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Apti Aukhadov Seminar - August 27th & 28th 2016

$ 515.00

Apti Aukhadov Weightlifting Seminar - Location Steven D's Strength & Conditioning 

- 2 Day Seminar 
( Sports Science, Programming, Technique, Personal Instruction )

- Saturday August 27th - Sunday August 28th 2016  

-10hours each day, 20hours in total. 

9AM-7PM ( Lunch Provided ) 

PREFERRED HOTEL PRICING ( Transportation from hotel to gym provided by Steven D's ) ) 

This seminar is for any athlete or sports performance coach looking to increase their knowledge & abilities for olympic weightlifting. 

This seminar will be limited to only 30 athletes/coaches. This is Apti's first US seminar and he does not do these often. We are very strict on the 30 person limit as we want to make sure the seminar allows everyone to get as much individual time with Apti as possible. We are expecting this to sell out fast do to the rarity of Apti doing a seminar in the US & him being one of the top lifters in the world right now. 

The entire facility is Eleiko Equipment, including Eleiko platforms, 52ft Eleiko rig, multiple Eleiko stands and 16 Eleiko weightlifting sets, we also have a classroom, full kitchen & break area. So you may bring and store your own food for the seminar if you choose.

This is a rare chance to spend 2 full days hands on learning in a small setting from an olympic medalist & world champion while he is in the prime of his weightlifting career.